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Black Panther, Storm, Thing and Human Torch return to the Baxter Building with two guests after an outer space adventure (See Fantastic Four 544-546) and everyone needs a rest. Their attempt at relaxation is quickly interrupted when they discover that a alien bug has crossed over from the Negative Zone. The team throws everything they have at it but the creatures hide seems indestructible and nothing works. Even when Black Panther uses some of Reed Richards' weapons, the creature is unharmed.

Meanwhile, in Wakanda, T'Challa's relatives (his sister and two cousins) discuss their leader's actions. One cousin thinks they should take over in Black Panther's absence but the others talk him out of it. Instead, he settles on sneaking onto American battleships during the night.

Back at the Baxter Building, Black Panther decides to use one of the magic frogs to teleport the alien away. To do so though, the team needs to get close to the bug so the frog will work. When T'Challa activates the frog, the bug and the team are teleported to parts unknown. The Human Torch is the first to figure out where they are, a Skrull planet. As soon as T'Challa says the magic words, "Could things get worse?" the power cosmic-wielding zombies of Marvel Zombies arrive overhead.

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