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The U.N continue there meeting with evertte K ross as he fills them in on the history of wakanda and about the king T’challa. We get a flashback of T’challa defeating his uncle to become king at the expense of the young princess shuri. T’challa’s cousin; T’shan  is displeased with this turn of events and departs after t’challa’s victory.

The Un brand wakanda a rogue state but cant afford to do anything about it with so much resources sent to Afghanistan already. Ms. Rice instead offers to send in some special ops to deal with Wakanda since it is a threat to the united states.

Klaw takes the mysterious man from last issue to a brothel where he switches bodies with a girl then he departs with Klaw both intent on dealing decisively with the Black Panther.

The Good
Art again is just fitting like a glove, the story continues to draw me in. T’challa is given a very regal, majestic feel that few heroes or villains have in the marvel universe. I also loved Shuri’s skill even a this point before her training was complete. Lovely Easter egg for those now following her as the black panther :)

The Bad
Two issues in Tchalla has no yet taken center stage, this may be jarring to some.

The Ugly
4.5/5 stars for a great read with great visuals.
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