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It was bad enough when T'Challa lost the power of the Black Panther. But now, powerless and alone, he's got to take on a band of white supremist super-heroes!

After the sabotage of T'Challa's battle with the White Ape by his loyal supporter Moise Bomvana, the Black Panther's rulership of Wakanda is in jeopardy. The ruling of T'Challas fate is being discussed by the Wakandian council on the thought that the Panther God has left him. The Black Panther himself is beginning to think that this is true.

As an unknown beast continues to wreak havok on enslavement centers all over Azania in the image of the Black Panther, General Moorbecx sends The Supremacists to Wakanda to bring the Black Panther down. Using The Supremacists' power against themselves, the Black Panther was able to save Wakanda and bring down The Supremacists. The council believes that T'Challa's actions prove that the Panther God is still within him, and decide that he should retain his rulership of Wakanda.

During the celebration of this news by the council and people of Wakanda, intel arrives from Bomvana telling T'Challa that General Moorbecx is preparing to send a thermonuclear device at Wakanda. The issue ends with T'Challa coming to the realization that the Panther God as left him, and as a result, he plans to leave his Writ of Abdication on their desks by tomorrow morning, renouncing his rulership of Wakanda.

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