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Black Panther’s wakandan history gets told to a man in prison and the united states politicians in charge of security, even Candoliza Rice (Rees lol). No one can believe that wakanda has never been conquered throughout its history and the fact that they are beyond the rest of the world in technology. Klaw makes plans to deal with T’Challa after having killed his father years before.

The Good
Art and story match perfectly, John Romita jar’s style does not go with every story but here it gives the story a good retro-nostalgic feel circa his early work on Uncanny. I love it. The Story also presents wakanda and its king , The Black Panther as powerful, majestic and absolutely awe inspiring. Its also a great jumping on point for readers.

The Bad
People look back at Hudlin’s run on Black Panther with disdain when I pretty impressed thus far.

The Ugly
Must read #1 collectors item 5/5 read!

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    This was the first comic I ever read and I enjoyed it immensely! I've always been curious about the panther and I can't wait to read more! Love the art, great dialogue, and outstanding storyline! I especially enjoyed the stories from centuries past describing the superiority of Wakanda! I got this as part of the trade paperback "Who Is the Black Panther?". I also highly recommend the BET TV Series this story was adapted into! ...

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    I have this entire series. I have always liked Black Panther and am glad that the re-introduced him to all these younguns. I think that this series did a good job explaining the origins of Panther and explaining how he became who he is. Romita's art does the job nicely, although I would have preferred a style similar to Jim Lee or Michael Turners but who am I to complain?! I like how the introduced the polotics in this story of how Wakanda and the rest of the World interacts. It just really...

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