brianwj86's Black Panther #1 - Who Is The Next Black Panther? Part 1 review

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Awesome intro to the King of Wakanda!

This was the first comic I ever read and I enjoyed it immensely! I've always been curious about the panther and I can't wait to read more! Love the art, great dialogue, and outstanding storyline! I especially enjoyed the stories from centuries past describing the superiority of Wakanda! I got this as part of the trade paperback "Who Is the Black Panther?". I also highly recommend the BET TV Series this story was adapted into!


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    This issue came out a few years ago and at the time it was hated by almost every critic you can imagine. the reason being Tchalla the star of the series fails to make an appearance instead what we get is an issue with the villains converging to attack his nation while we get a retelling of the black panther mantle. It was a good read with good visuals I give this issue 3.5/5...

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