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This page is for the New 52 version of Black Orchid, Alba Garcia.


Black Orchid with the rest of the JLD

Alba Garcia was a private in the army. She had her arms amputated during an army experiment known as Project: Ascension where she was known as Subject 28 and subsequently gained the powers she now uses as the Black Orchid.

John Constantine was particularly interested in Black Orchid's origins. She denies of having no relation to magic or anything of the like, but the sorcerer argues that her shape-shifting powers seem to tie in with the Web of Life, or the Red; and that her plant controlling abilities lead to a relation to the the web that connects all plant life, or the Green. Nothing much from her past has been revealed yet, aside from the allusion to her involvement into a secret A.R.G.U.S project called Project: Ascension. She is still currently part of the Justice League Dark.

The Books of Magic

After dealing with Cain and his vampire army, Steve Trevor contacts John Constantine. Felix Faust and his cult are becoming a real threat in South America after obtainin g a powerful magic item. If Constantine and the Justice League Dark can take him down and retrieve their operative Doctor Mist, Constantine gets five minutes in The Black Room (where ARGUS keeps magic artifacts). Trevor assigns Black Orchid to the team as well, to help them and keep an eye on them. Orchid accompanies the team (Constantine, Zatanna, Deadman and Andrew Bennet) to South America. After battling through Faust's forces, they battle Faust. Black Orchid sucker punches him, knocking him out. While she saves Doctor Mist, the team finds the object Faust was hiding was the long lost map to The Books of Magic.


Alba Garcia was created by writer Jeff Lemire along with artist Mikel Janin.

Her real name was not revealed for several issues and was assumed to be the original version of the Black Orchid, until it was revealed to be a new version of the character all together.

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