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Born to Lawrence McKenzie, Leon is the half-nephew of Namor, and was named after his grandfather who was also Namor's father, Leonard McKenzie. Leonard remarried after his first wife left him, and his son had a baby boy who turned out to be Leon.


Black Moray was originally created for use in Marvel comics by John Byrne, Jae Lee, Bob Wiacek. Glenn Herdling, and Geof Isherwood contributed to the character at later dates. Black Moray' first full appearance is in Namor, the Sub-Mariner #27, which was released on June of 1992; however, Black Moray contributes indirectly to Namor, the Sub-Mariner #26, which was released during May of 1992.

Character Evolution

Leon as director of operations for Oracle

After his half-uncle Namor bought the company he was working for, Leon became even more ambitious and money hungry. Upon rising to director of operations for Oracle, Incorporated's branch on the west coast, Leon devised a scheme to make a lot of money by creating terrorists for the company to fight against. He is eventually stopped by Namorit Prentiss, acting as CEO of Oracle, but not for long as he develops another plan to find a missing ship full of Vibranium lost in the Antarctic. Throughout his entire life Leon remains loyal to himself and to money.

Major Story Arcs

Leon as Black Moray

Following his failed attempt to create terrorists for the company Oracle to fight, thereby making a lot of money, Leon discovers a information regarding a ship called Endurance that could be full of Vibranium. Knowing that this ship Endurance could be a literal goldmine, he endeavors to find it and sell its contents. After learning that his grandfather lost not one, but two ships in this quest, he is forced to bring someone else in on his plan. With the help of Phoebe Marrs, Leon is put into contact with the guardian of the long lost ship, Sea Leopard, and has to make a deal with him as well to find Sea Leopard a follower who will worship him, and in return he agrees to give Leon one ounce of the Vibranium on board the Endurance.

Divers were sent down to the wreckage but Leon sabotaged them to lure Namor to their rescue, once they were freed Leon attacks Namor while wearing his Black Moray armor and due to surprise is able to knock him down to where Sea Leopard is. Leon had planned to use Namor to distract Sea Leopard so that he could search the Endurance and find the Vibranium without any interruptions Upon entering the Endurance's cargo hold, Leon expecting to find the load of Vibranium instead finds Namor standing there. Before Namor can attack Leon, the latter escapes telling Namor his plan while doing so and in addition blows up the entire ship, but is protected by his own suit that has recoil dampeners inside it. Namor eventually catches up to and captures Black Moray, strips him of his armor, puts it on himself and proceeds to defeat Sea Leopard in battle.

Leon is then placed into prison where he is visited by an incredulous Phoebe Marrs who is upset at being included in Leon's plans but is disappointed to not learn much before Leon is returned to his cell.

Powers and Abilities

Black Moray wears armor which is capable create black ink clouds under water, blocking telepathic attacks, electrode clamps, recoil dampeners and twin helmet lasers that can cut through metal as strong and durable as titanium. The Black Moray's suit can also be deployed while already submerged in water.

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