Should black mask have a hench girl?

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After watching Batman: Under the red hood where black mask has ms. li by his side as his accomplice, I've been wondering if she could continue her role in the comics. Harley quinn and mercy graves have been in the comics of the animated series of batman and superman so why not miss li. I think that she could probably kick plenty butt for or with her boss.

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Well for one that black mask is dead, and two ms. Li was really just a female version of David in the comics since they wanted to have more female parts in the film...I miss David...:(

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The original Black Mask had one, of sorts. Her name was Circe, and she was a "witch" of questionable abilities who had betrayed Sionis, for which he destroyed her face.

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I like Ms Li for Black Mask in Batman: Under the Red Hood. She seems like she is the only one who can weather Romans burst of Anger with subtle quick wit. but i also think she would not just be a great "secretary" but an awesome bodyguard.

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