Is Roman's identity known?

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Essentially as it says - is the fact that Black Mask = Roman Sionis known to anyone? General Public? Batman? GCPD? Also, if possible, could anyone give me an indication as to when it was found out?

I've always been a big fan, but until recently I haven't really been reading comics featuring him too much. If possible before I get into reading 'War Games' and the like it'd be nice to not be surprised when Batman blurts out Roman's name or something. If anyone has any helpful info on this it'd be greatly appreciated ^_^

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For sure, Batman and the GCPD have known Black Mask's identity since the character's introduction in Batman #386, Detctive Comics #553, and Batman #387. Batman and the police pretty quickly deduced Black Mask's identity. Heck, Sionis didn't even go to much effort to hide his identity. His first base of operations, and the location of his first membership drive for the False Facers was the old Sionis family crypt. So yeah, most everyone knew that Roman Sionis was Black Mask since the very beginning.

By the time of War Crimes (the epilogue to War Games), Sionis' identity was certainly public knowledge. A news report refers to the Black Mask him as Roman Sionis.

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