Black Mask Recognition

#1 Posted by RUKM (279 posts) - - Show Bio

Why isn't there any? He is one of the more intriguing villains to me because he basically the anti Bruce Wayne also his mask is made from his fathers coffin so psyche is incredibly skewed/complex

#2 Posted by JSH92 (420 posts) - - Show Bio

What exactly do you mean by recognition? I know he's gonna be the villain in the Detective Comics Annual.

#3 Posted by RUKM (279 posts) - - Show Bio

Really?!@JSH92: good because that's what i mean he isn't in enough stories as the central character etc etc

#4 Posted by JSH92 (420 posts) - - Show Bio

@RUKM: Yep. Ok, I gotcha. Yea, I'd definitely like to see more of him.

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