Black Mask in "Battle for Gotham" (Bats-3)

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I think they should add him in the movie as one of the new leaders of the organize crime that have taken over Gotham. I think that''s what "Battle for Gotham" will be about. Black mask and maybe, Penguin? Or another criminal boss and those who might have been overshadowed by Salvatore Maroni will now be at war trying to take over Gotham. Since Bats is an enemy of Gotham (In the next movie) and Maroni and his men are out of the picture :) I think Black Mask would fit pefectly. :D

That's what happens in the organize crime. you think you end it by taking out the big boss but that's not right. All you do is open a door for a new villain to rise.

What you guys think?

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Black Mask would be a fine addition, but you would need more characters to be introduced first. Black Mask is usually seen as working with a few other super-villains in addition to the False Faces group. And (sadly) the Penguin is more likely to be introduced than Black Mask.

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Christopher Nolan stated in an interview for The Dark Knight, way before anyone knew what it was going to be called or who was going to be in it, addressing rumors of him talking to Philip Seymur Hoffman for the role of the Penguin that he would never use the Penguin because he was too far fetched a character, so if he's directing its more likely that we would see Black Mask then Penguin

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I think Penguin could work. He doesn't have to be the villain living underneath Sea World. Hoffman would be a good choice. He is a great actor. Just make him deformed and you got yourself the penguin.

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