Black mask book recommendations

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So I have been reading a lot of Batman stuff lately and Black Mask is never in any of the books.. I think Under the Red Hood is the only thing I've read with him in it...

Any good TPB or series arc recommendations that feature Black Mask?

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Doh just spoiled a big event by reading his character page.. Oh well :P

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Well, I sorta like War Games. Black Mask plays a pretty big role in that, and that ends up rolling into the Under the Hood story arc. Also, Catwoman: Relentless (which is actually set a while before War Games) is a really good TPB for Black Mask. It displays just how twisted and evil this guy really is.

I've also got the Catwoman issues that end with Roman Sionis' death. Personally I think these are sorta nifty, and a pretty good way to end the Black Mask character, but ultimately aren't as important as War Games and Relentless.

If you're going to pick up War Games though, you should also pick up War Drums and War Crimes. War Drums is the lead-in to War Games, and is sorta important in understanding what's going on even if it doesn't include Black Mask (you can figure it out for yourself easy enough I suppose, but War Drums really does add to the story). War Crimes is the aftermath of War Games, and I feel spotlights Black Mask a little more than Under the Hood. Chronologically, I think War Crimes happens about the same time as Under the Hood. Red Hood is active and messing up Mask's operations, but there's other stuff going on that would make it seem like the Red Hood story arc hasn't been resolved yet.

So yeah, I'd definitely pick up Catwoman: Relentless, War Drums, War Games (Part 1, 2 & 3), and War Crimes. That should keep you pretty busy with lots of Black Mask-y goodness for a while. The aftermath of War Games also have some affect in other Bat-related titles, but they're not that important to the overarching story and Black Mask doesn't play that big a role in those.

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Right before Knightfall occurs (the Bane story), Black Mask is featured in I think both Detective and Batman. Don't know the issue numbers exactly, though.

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