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Blackest Night

Superman Prime exacts revenge on The Anti-Monitor.

When Superman Prime destroyed The Anti-Monitor's armor and tossed his corpse into space, it landed on the dead world of Ryut, a world in Sector 666 that had been decimated by The Manhunters centuries ago during the great massacre.

The voice of an unseen dark entity who seemed to recognize The Anti-Monitor resurrected him and began constructing the Black Lantern Central Power Battery around his body...much to The Anti-Monitor's despair. Using The Anti-Monitor as it's power source, the Black Lantern Central Power Battery went online almost immediately after it was finally completed.

Sometime later, while the super villain known as The Black Hand was being transported to prison, he suddenly experienced a power surge that killed the guards assigned to keep watch over him and also teleported the Black Hand to the surface of Ryut.

The Black Lantern Ring is a pathway to many abilities some would consider ... unnatural.

When he arrived, the Black Hand began making his way towards the Black Lantern Central Power Battery as a voice (presumably the one belonging to the entity who constructed the Power Battery) spoke to him telepathically. Though it is not known what the voice said to The Black Hand, he confirmed that he was being spoken to by someone when he said "I hear you" as he gazed up at the Black Lantern Central Power Battery.

Recently, the Black Hand returned to Earth...with a Black Power Ring bequeathed unto him by presumably the Black Lantern Central Power Battery and with it he has begun the process of bringing to life the first of many Black Lanterns to come...however the Power Battery itself will be dispensing all of the Rings to their future undead wielders once the time is right.

The Blackest Night Begins

Once the Blackest Night began, countless power rings emerged from the power battery and now spread across the universe for its bearers and many deceased individuals have arisen from their graves and have began their attack on the emotional spectrum and to rid the universe of life.

Black battery comes to Earth

Black Lanterns made their way across the universe, assaulting the other seven corps and numerous Earth heroes. Though the rings seemed empty at first, every kill the Black Lanterns made their power levels rise by 0.1%.

With the death of Damage, the black lantern power levels reach 100%. This marks a turning point as The Black power Battery, along with Scar and the other Guardians trapped, is transported to Earth, and Black Hand bids the rise of Nekron, Lord of the unliving and the force behind the black lanterns.

Lanterns attempting to destroy the black battery

The Black Battery lands in Coast City and is a site of a battle between Earth heroes and Black lanterns led by Nekron and Black Hand. A battle which the heroes are losing.Fashionably late, the lanterns Hal Jordan, Sinestro, Carol Ferris, Atrocitus, Saint Walker, Indigo 1 and Larfleeze arrive and attempt to destroy the black battery by combining their power. This fails as the Black Battery spawns one last ring, one meant for Bruce Wayne.

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