New Tidbit Regarding Blackest Night (SPOILERS!!!!!!)

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And some more for you...

Thought we could all do with a thread to actually discuss what we think, or know, will be happening in the upcoming Blackest Night arc...

I'll start with the possibility of Sinestro returning to the Green Lanterns...

what, you think i'm crazy?

check out Green Lantern 21 again and look at at the Book of OA closely...

and enhanced for people to see the ring properly...

With all thats happened, it wouldn't surprise me in the least if Sinestro did return to the Green Lanterns either during, or after the War of Light...

Also worth mentioning is the end of the Sinestro Corps special...

so i'll leave this thread for everyone to pose their thoughts about the Blackest Night... spoilers welcome lol


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Will their power be similar to dark force weilders like the Fallen One or Darkstar?

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The facts so far:

  1.  "All dead DC superheroes will be returning" we learned just this past week. All of them.
  2. The original Aquaman and Spectre play a HUGE role.
  3. Cyborg Superman will be in Blackest Night. From the the less-than-subtle hints dropped in Sinestro Corps War, it'll most likely be for the Black Lantern Corps.
  4. At last report DC is still undecided on whether or not Blackest Night will just be within the pages of GL and GLC or if it will be a company-wide crossover, ala "Underworld Unleashed," "Final Night," etc..
  5. it seems that all lanterns of the emotional specturm will have a role in Blackest Night.
  6. Black Hand is related/linked to the Black Lanterns.
  7. Ganthet and Sayd lead the Blue Lanterns.
  8. Atrocitus leads the Red Lanterns.
  9. The Controllers are searching for the Orange Lantern... it is unknown if they will reach it before Agent Orange though...

that's everything so far...


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It's been stated by Saint Walker that Sinestro will be needed in Blackest Night.

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DC solicitiations for April reveal first Black Lantern. SPOILER!!

There are 4 new Lantern figures near the bottom page. Its one of the people I expected but it is a big spoiler.

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It has been discussed between Hal and Saint Walker that Sinestro will play an important part in the Blackest Night, so I think he'll do some good deeds again. haha

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I say Sinestro become leader of the Blue Lanterns and that's their all dead in the future.

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Sinestro as a Blue lantern would be a lil weird... But they could prob pull it off...

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And I shall shed my light over dark evil for the dark thing conot stand the light ...the light of The Green Lantern !  as for myself it would be  if they brought hitman as a Black Lantern  or to fight them .
Dr .X
DR . X

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