My thoughts on the Black Lanterns

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I've been reading the Blackest Night mini-series, the tie-ins, AND the BN Batman, Flash, and WW mini-series, and I can say without a doubt that it is my absolute favorite DC story ever (Batman: Hush is a close second).  As it is, the Black Lanterns are awesome villains....and they are such unbelievable jerks!  Anyway, here's a list of the Main Black Lanterns I know about, plus my thoughts on them.  
Martian Manhunter-Pretty Cool
Hawkman-It's Hawkman, but he's OK as a Black Lantern
Hawkgirl-Better then her male counterpart as always
Firestorm II-Awesome!  He's such a sadistic bastard as a Black Lantern. I love it!
Elongated Man-Now more hideous (and stupid) then ever
Sue Dibny-Not much better then her husband
Aquaman-Awesome.  I LOVE Black Lantern Aquaman! 
Tempest-I never liked Tempest.  I was pleased when Attrocitus teared him to shreds
The Graysons and the Drakes-This here is proof that the Black Lanterns are ass-holes
Dr. Light-Should be renamed Dr. Darkness, but no less awesome  
Vibe-A complete idiot as always, but here, he's a dangerous one 
Commander Steel-I know too little about the character to say 
Zatara-Emosewa dna ssadab!
Professor Zoom-Kick-ass.  Long live the Reverse Flash!  
Captain Boomerang-Eh....
Maxwell Lord-Badass.  It's payback time! 
Earth 2 Superman-He's no Superman Prime, but as far as Evil Supermen go, he's OK 
Jade-Sweet.  Nice to see that she's still hot, even as a Black Lantern. 
Ch'p-I always hated that stupid squirrel.  Worst DC character ever.  Being a Black Lantern dose not change that. 
Jean Loring-Well, she was always evil, so... 
Golden Age Atom-Pretty Cool, but I don't know much about the character 
Golden Age Doctor Fate-Really Cool.  I've always loved Doctor Fate, and a Black Lantern Dr. Fate is kick-ass  
The Spectre-Badass.  The Black Lanterns ace-in-the-hole and (not counting Nekron and Black Hand) their most powerful member. It took Parallax to stop him.
The Question-Noooo!!! I HATED that the Question died!  He's too cool!  I hate that Renee Montoya replaced him! That's stupid! Vic Sage is cooler then she is!
Azrael-Pretty Cool, I have to say.  Azrael is way underrated, so its nice to see him as a Black Lantern. 
Black Mask-Catwoman's in trouble now.... 
Ravager-Very cool.  And I also agree with him.  Jericho IS such a baby. 
Abin Sur-I've always liked Abin Sur well enough.  And after years of being the Uncle Ben of the GLC, he's finally done justice 
Batman-This was one of the best parts of the story.  He should have stuck around longer. 
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Nice! Yeah Hawkgirl and Jean Loring were so awesome as BLs!
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When you've got 70 years of comic history to fall back on, there's no shortage of cool, dead characters to use in a situation like Blackest Night.

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Yeah, but the less Pre-Crisis characters they bring back the better.  Although Zatara WAS pretty awesome as a Black Lantern....

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