Marvel Black Lanterns

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Any ideas?

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sabertooth,captain america,banshee,wallflower,goliath,alpha flight,pyro,kraven
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Capt. America is coming back to life. Is Sabretooth dead?
I'd say Silver Fox should be one.

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cypher , original psylocke, legion, abomination,kraven,john proudstar, electra

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Moderator Online
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Jackpot, Sabertooth, Uncle Ben, Gwen Stacy, and a ton of Punisher enemies.

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The new Necrosha story line seems to be a lot like The Blackest Night, bringing previously dead characters back to life for a nefarious purpose. Also coming out around the same time. The people brought back to life also seem to be a dark version of there former selves.

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carnage. all the residents of stamford, captain america the marquis of death, xorn, sabertooth abomination, gwen stacy.

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@lazystudent said:
 original psylocke
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Gwen Stacy!!!

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Steve Rogers 
Ant-Man (Scott Lang) 
Iron Mongor
Uncle Ben! Lol. 
Gwen Stacy 
Human Torch (Jim Hammond) 
Master Man 
Crimson Dynamo 
Cynthia Von Doom (Dr. Doom's mother) 
George Stacy (Gwen's dad) 
Richard Parker (Spidey's father) 
Mary Parker (Spidey's mother) 
Warren Worthington Jr. (Archangel's father) 
Silver Fox 
John Howlett (Wolverine's father)

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jack pherson  

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@xxCellPhoneGirlxx said:
" @lazystudent said:
 original psylocke
ravanche? "
sorry i mean betsy braddock
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I have a few ideas of who...
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Uncle Ben

Gwen Stacy




Iron Monger

Crimson Dynamo


And my most favourite pick....... ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I have always wanted to write something that mocks up the DC Blackest Night storyline and puts it in the Marvel Universe. Of course this will all have to take place on an alternate plane. Something like Earth-1789003 or something like that. Here are a couple of issues that I dreamed up. What can you come up with

Thanos #Z - Thanos is visited by a nearly de-powered Death who convinces him to serve her again. She wants him to raise the dead in the Universe to take it over. Once everyone in the Universe is dead Thanos can finally rule with his queen. Death vomits up the Black Lantern ring and embeds it in Thanos' gauntlet. She tells him that he will need the souls of the heroes on Earth to awaken the soul of Galactus. Once Galactus is under his control the universe is theirs. Back on Earth, Steve Rogers is mysteriously goes missing. He attends a meeting with Tony Stark but never makes it out of the building. The issue ends with a vision of Steve Rogers soul inside of the Black Lantern ring with the words (Steve Rogers of Earth - Rise).

Spiderman #Z - Peter Parker is at a cemetery paying his respects. He is visited by the reanimated corpse of Gwen Stacy. He gets emotional and she makes him feel bad. This seems to make her stronger. She then attacks Peter. He staves her off for a bit and eventually knocks her jaw off. It is retrieved by the reanimated corpse of Uncle Ben. They both go on the attack gnashing their teeth at Peter. He tries to fight back but they are strong and Peter doesn't want to "hurt" them. He begins to become overwhelmed but is saved by Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers). Both face off against the zombies. Carol blasts them with photon blasts and leaves them slowly regenerating. No matter what they throw at them, they keep coming back. Eventually, Parker and Carol agree to get to Tony Stark. The end of the issue shows a Zombified Scarlet Spider watching the duo leave the cemetery.

Captain America #Z - Steve Rogers is in a meeting with Tony Stark and the rest of the Illuminati. They are discussing the current state of the Universe as they know it. Dr. Strange brings up the growing dark presence over earth. Everyone takes it under advisement. After the meeting Steve Rogers leaves the room and walks into the hallway. In a split second he is transported to what looks like his own grave. A large statue of Cap towers above him. The sky is grey and no one is around on the streets or the cemetery. He calls out but his voice sounds muffled to him. Then Thanos appears, hovering over the grave. Steve retaliates but seems to be depowered. Thanos shows him all of his old friends and how they all died. Then Thanos propositions him. He tells Rogers that he would like him to become his herald. Captain America refuses and Thanos laughs. "You already are!" The ground under the statue and headstone start to stir. Rogers can't believe it. "Steve Rogers of Earth - Rise!" says Thanos. Then a Captain America zombie crawls out of the ground with shield in hand. He then traps Steve Rogers in his ring.

Anyone want to add some issues?

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1) Silver Surfer: Tales from Deep Space #Z - Silver Surfer responds to a strange disturbance in a nebula that appeared near the corpse of Galactus. Three small blue beings are battling, they pay little attention to Silver Surfer. Surfer calls out to them and the three continue to battle. It seems that two of them are very weak and the third one is overpowering the other two. They have strange colored rings floating around them. The aggressor suddenly starts convulsing and the others stand back in shock as the third's body is consumed by a thick black sludge. Then in an instant, the being is gone. The other two reach out for their foe, but it is too late. Surfer closes in. After a quick test of trust, the beings describe themselves as Guardians of the Universe, Ganthet and Basilus. They are protecting the power of the rings that are floating around them. The one that disappeared is known as Skar and she has full power of the Black Lantern ring. A ring of incredible power when wielded by the right person. She has gone rogue from the Guardians and tried to escape with all of the rings to this universe. Now, the Guardians must find heroes worthy enough of wielding the power of the rings. "It's only a matter of time before Skar uses the Black Lantern Ring, hopefully she hasn't yet."

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