Black Lanterns Powers?

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What exactly are the Black Lanterns Powers? I mean there rings work differently then normal lanterns rings so there powers should be different? I mean can they make constructs like other lanterns?In all the comic I seen with Black Lanterns in them I never saw them use a construct?
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Black Power Ring are able to animate the dead. In order to power their rings they must consume the hearts of living people.  
They are almost invulnerable to all harm as their ring heals them from all damage. They can also bite a victim and cause them to die slowly. 
Also, if the bearer of a Black Lantern Ring had other abilities before their death they are able to keep those as well. For example when Martian Manhunter 
was resurrected he still had all of his abilities those who driven to kill. They are also able to see the emotional spectrum within a sentient being. 
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They're basically zombies that use the likenesses of the reanimated in order to evoke emotions out of the living. If the dead being had special powers while alive, the undead avatar also has that power. Beyond body regeneration, that's the extent of their powers.

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They are capable of constructs thought hardly any of the Black Lanterns ever used the top of my head Arnold Wesker making a Scarface construct is the only real example I can think of


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