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As the newest crewmember of the Black Lagoon, Rock is learning that life as a pirate is a lot more than just fun in the sun. After a salvage job on a sunken German U-Boat turns into a full-auto blowout with a gang of neo-Nazis, the crew of the Black Lagoon realizes they have more than a few issues with Revy's hair-trigger temper. But when the arrival of a pair of psychotic assassins in Roanapur nearly starts an all-out gang war, Rock is going to need all the friends he can get!

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 5: Die Rückkehr des Adlers - Part I
  • Chapter 6: Die Rückkehr des Adlers - Part II
  • Chapter 7: Die Rückkehr des Adlers - Part III
  • Chapter 8: Die Rückkehr des Adlers - Part IV
  • Chapter 9: Calm Down Two Men - Part I
  • Chapter 10: Calm Down Two Men - Part II
  • Chapter 11: Bloodsport Fairy Tale - Part I
  • Chapter 12: Bloodsport Fairy Tale - Part II
  • Black Lagoon: The Magical Girl Episode

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