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Black Jubal's arm was ripped off as a young man by his owner, Samson Parminter.  Samson burnt Black Jubal to death over a dispute about a slave woman that Jubal loved.  About a century after his death, The Swamp Thing and Anton Arcane fought an epic battle over Black Jubal's grave.  The battle woke the spirits of Jubal and the other slaves burried underneath it.  The slaves, angered by Arcane's motivations and overall twisted nature, emmited psychic forces to Arcane's Un-Men.  This signal revealed to the Un-Men their lowly status as Arcane's pawns, and angered by this fact, they revolted against their master.  The Un-Men tore Arcane's body apart and burried each limb in a separate grave. 

As the Swamp Thing awoke, Black Jubal and his fellow spirits had disappeared.  The creature left the site, thankful for Jubal's help saving his life.

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