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The symbol of the Black Glove

A criminal organization in Gotham City, their name is based off a movie in which two innocent lovers are influenced by corrupt gamblers. They were last seen storming Batman's house and causing him to have a seizure. Afterwards they drugged Dick Grayson and locked him up in Arkham, leaving the Dark Knight wandering helplessly on the streets, drugged with heroin.

They've proclaimed Wayne Manor as their new base of operations, captured Arkham Asylum as well, and declared war on the Outsiders by programming REMAC to explode, killing him and harming the rest of the Outsiders quite badly.

They have succeeded in driving Batman out of his mind after Dr. Hurt placed numerous triggers throughout the Dark Knight's career, resulting in Batman's temporary identity as "Batman of Zur-En-Arrh." They've turned Wayne Manor into a deathtrap for anyone foolish enough to enter. Setting the final stage for what may well be the death of The Batman.

The Black Glove enlisted the aid of the Joker and the deceitful beauty Jezebel Jet, who used her romantic involvement with Bruce Wayne to help destroy Batman, for their coup de grace, the death of Batman. But they had severely underestimated Batman, and he thwarts their last attempts to finish him off, sending the Joker careening off a bridge in an ambulance and crashing Dr. Hurt's helicopter into the Gotham River.

After R.I.P.

In the pages of Batman and Robin, Dr. Hurt has resurfaced as the Mexican crime lord El Penitente, and the Joker, who has been masquerading as the English writer and detective Oberon Sexton, has been murdering the remaining members of the Black Glove as the mysterious Domino Killer.

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