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There's a reason why I got this free..

Two months prior to this review,  I was laid up in the hospital due to a severe bout of pneumonia.  Being laid up in the hosptial for a week or longer is not fun, but things could have been worse. To help me endure,  my brother gave me a bunch of comics to read he'd picked up for cheap from the local comic book shop.   
Amongst them was this "gem" from Maximum Press, headed by Rob Liefeld.   
Before I begin let me state I have a love/hate thing for Liefeld.  I love some of his creations, and the fact he was one of the new guys essentially who broke out and made an impact on comics with fresh ideas, concepts, and the fact he took risks when others did not.   
His art from the past was hit and miss.  Plenty of readers either really loathe him, or they really love him.  I've been in the middle, but his artwork HAS matured and changed over time, so that being said, I am going to relay what I found in this comic.  
The story here is *meh*.  Not worth relaying.  Just some characters gathering together to supposedly battle a terrorist organization.  The insertion of where and why the characters appear is non-sensical, poor non-existent placement of borders, and the book has to be read both vertically and horizontally.  Too many splash pages, and the spash art isn't worth being splash art.   
 It looks like art by Rob Liefeld on a very very bad day.   
Black Flag?  More like Red Flag.  Ignore this book at all costs.  

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