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This page is for the current Black Condor, John Trujillo. 
For the original Black Condor, see Richard Grey Jr. 
For the second Black Condor, see Ryan Kendall 


 The third Black Condor
In the aftermath of the Infinite Crisis, the U.S. government agency called S.H.A.D.E., led by Father Time, decided to recreate the Freedom Fighters. They recruited a new Doll Man, Human Bomb, Phantom Lady, and the Ray, and sent them on morally-ambiguous missions; ones that often left a high casualty rate. Uncle Sam returned, and organized a new team of Freedom Fighters to counter this government-created one. After organizing the new Doll Man, Firebrand, Human Bomb, Phantom Lady, and the Ray, Uncle Sam sought out the new Black Condor.
When there is need, one of true Navajo blood is called to climb the Canyon de Chelly in Arizona, where the spider goddess Tocotl will bestow upon the brave the powers of the condor. John Trujillo answered Tocotl’s call to fight the famine and pestilence prevalent on Earth. John was transformed into Black Condor: the warden of the earth and sky. He was tasked to align himself with the spirit of America, to help heal its people.


 After the events of Infinite Crisis, DC sought to re-launch the Freedom Fighters. A new group of Freedom Fighters was introduced in the pages of Brave New World, which served as a prelude to their own 8-issue maxiseries Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters in 2006. This new series, written by Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray, and drawn by Daniel Acuna, introduced a new Black Condor in issue #3. This third Black Condor, John Trujillo, had a native-american background and ties to the Mayan mythology.
This Black Condor and his teammates in the new Freedom Fighters would star in a second 8-issue maxiseries also called Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters, launched in 2007, before starring in an ongoing series, simply called Freedom Fighters, that debuted in 2010.

Key Story Arcs

Black Condor and the Freedom Fighters, Together Again

Uncle Sam’s new Freedom Fighters, on the run from S.H.A.D.E.’s agents, was attacked by a group called First Strike. Black Condor came to their rescue, helping to defeat First Strike. The group focused on removing Father Time from power; who, it was revealed, was a construct out to manipulate America. Black Condor and the new Freedom Fighters faced a new Miss America and a traitor from the inside: the Ray. However, with the help of the original Miss America, Ray Terrill, and new members the Invisible Hood and Red Bee, the Freedom Fighters defeated the robotic Father Time, and S.H.A.D.E. was placed under the command of Director Robbins.
 After the Black Condor and the Freedom Fighters stopped an alien bee hive from using Earth as its next home, the team returned home to find the White House destroyed by the Amazons. When approached by S.H.A.D.E. about being more pro-active, the team split on whether they agreed. Black Condor joined Miss America, Phantom Lady, the Ray, and the Red Bee in a more proactive stance for the Fighters. This team of Freedom Fighters gained a more public eye, but after Phantom Lady murdered a villain and the Red Bee tried to kill herself, the team reformed minus Red Bee.
When S.H.A.D.E. tried to forcibly add a now-mutated Red Bee to their new group of heroes (the Crusaders) using mind-control, Black Condor and the Ray tried to intervene. Red Bee, the Ray, and Black Condor fought S.H.A.D.E.’s Crusaders, but the conflict pushed Red Bee even further, and she killed S.H.A.D.E. director Robbins. Now fully under the hive’s control, she decided to turn Earth into her new hive. The Red Bee used her pheromones to take control of the Freedom Fighters, but Black Condor fought the Red Bee’s control. When the Red Bee ordered Human Bomb to kill Condor, the Human Bomb broke free of her commands as well, and freed the others. The team stops the Red Bee and her hive with the appearance of the Ray, the new Neon, and new Miss Cosmos, and in the aftermath, the Freedom Fighters disband.
While disbanded, the individual members of the Freedom Fighters continued to fight for good. Black Condor joined the heroes of Earth to fight against Darkseid’s troops during the Final Crisis
After a fight alongside Firebrand against the reformed Aryan Brigade, Uncle Sam recruited Black Condor to rejoin the Freedom Fighters. The Vice President of the U.S. had been kidnapped by a secret society called the Arcadians and held for ransom. The Freedom Fighters needed to find American artifacts across the country in return for the Vice President’s life. Over the course of the search, the Black Condor and the Freedom Fighters fought the Renegades and the Jailbreakers. During the fight with the Jailbreakers, Tocotl made Black Condor realized his feelings towards Phantom Lady, and the two expressed their feelings in a bedroom back at the Heartland.

Powers and Abilities

Empowered by the Mayan spider-goddess Tocotl, the third Black Condor has been transformed into the champion of Earth. Tocatl gave Black Condor black feathery wings, which sprout from his shoulders. With them, he has the ability to fly at great speeds. In addition to flight, the third Black Condor also has the ability to manipulate the wind. He can create large blasts of air that can cover city blocks. He can spin the winds into a whirlwind, knocking out creatures with concussive force.
Black Condor also draws strength from the Earth, giving him superhuman strength, agility, and a higher resilience to pain. 

Alternate Versions

Kingdom Come

In the Kingdom Come storyline, a hero named the Condor, inheritor of the Black Condor mantle, joined Batman’s Legion. Little is known about this hero, other than his appearance does not match any of the heroes who have held the title Black Condor to-date. Condor was amongst those of Batman’s Legion that fought at the Gulag against Superman’s Justice League and Luthor’s villains. Condor does not appear to have survived the battle.

The Search for Ray Palmer

During the search for Ray Palmer, the heroes discovered a world where genders were switched. In that world, a female version of the third Black Condor fought as a member of  Colombia's Freedom Fighters.

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