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He was one of the first human subject for the Colorado Project team, leaded by Joan Wayne. The objective sought by the team, under the governance of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, was to find a way to improve human abilities.  As Black Commando, during a mission to save the life of the President, he decided to take a compound - the V-45 without permission, to have superhuman strength. The expected effect was achieved, but at the same time Barton has become mad.  He was then kept in stasis by the government, who made to believe that he's dead. 

He was the lover of Laura Wright (the future Nightveil) before "dying".  Laura became the Blue Bulleteer to continue Barton's mission.
Going mad
Without meaning to, just thinking about him, Nightveil freed him from his confinement 40 years later. Having learned that he missed the last 40 years he has one goal: revenge.

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