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Black Cherry Bombshells is a webcomic by Tony Trov, Johnny Zito, and Sacha Borisich, with colors by John Dallaire. It was originally published by Zuda Comics, and later collected into nine digital issues by parent company DC. Set in a post-apocalyptic near future where a mutant virus has turned the entire male population into zombies, gangs of ultra-violent women fight to survive. The Black Cherry Bombshell gang, run by Regina, is gunning for the murderous ruler known as The King — a psychopath with an Elvis fixation and the de facto boss of all gangs after staging a bloody coup. Among the casualties was Regina's mother, and all of the Black Cherries share their ruler's hatred of The King and her loyal henchwomen — all except for one.

The three 60-page seasons of Black Cherry Bombshells follow the political machinations and frequent, bloody violence of the Black Cherry Bombshells, their sworn enemies, and the other gangs and players in the zombie-infested ruins of the world. The Black Cherry Bombshells strip was nominated in the Best On-Line Comics Work category of the 2009 Harvey awards, along with fellow Zuda strips High Moon (the eventual winner) and Night Owls.

The first season of Black Cherry Bombshells ran from May - December 2008, after the first eight pages won the community vote competition in March 2008. The comic was renewed in 2009, and started its second run on 12th February. A third season began at the start of 2010, and when Zuda was closed down by DC in July of that year the comic was picked up for publication on the new Comixology platform. The first two seasons were published as six digital comics from in October 2010 and April/May 2011. The remainder of the third season was completed by October 2010, and published in three digital comics in June 2011.

Sheldon Vella, artist of Zuda webcomic SuperTron produced a promotional poster for Black Cherry's second season (2009), and later that year the Black Cherry Bombshells themselves appeared in a dream sequence in SuperTron. Vella and went on to illustrate five full pages for the third season of Black Cherry Bombshells in April/May 2010. This was billed by Zuda as their first crossover event, bringing the two stories together as they each drew to a conclusion. The announcement was made at the end of March 2010, less than a month before DC announced that Zuda would be closing down.

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