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Train's parents were killed by an assassin at a young age by mistake. The assassin gave Train the choice to die or come with him and live. Train chose to come with vowing vengeance upon the assassin. He was taught for awhile until the assassin was killed but Train wasn't the one who did it. He told his mentor that he wanted to kill him as his vengeance cannot be fulfilled. Train was found by a member of Chronos who trained him to be one of the world's deadliest assassins, He became one of their elite members called the Chrono numbers, being dubbed number 13. Upon his entrance into the Chrono Numbers Train was given the orichalcum gun named Hades. When he was bleeding out, he met a woman named met Saya who nursed him when he almost died. She was a bounty hunter or a "sweeper" and Train had a change of heart and left the Chrono numbers. His old partner, Creed, killed his friend Saya and Creed wanted to rid the world of Chronos so he formed a team called the Apostles of the Stars. Train became a bounty hunter in memory of Saya and met up with another bounty hunter named Sven Volfied. The two teamed up and became best friends. They were on a special target who was engineering living weapons using nanotechnology. A weapon named Eve was this little girl who would slaughter people as a game but didn't know better. Sven and Train saved her one day and eventually she would join the team. Train was visited by the leader of the Chrono Numbers, Sephiria Arks who asked Train to bring in Creed. Train and his team battled Creed's team and eventually Creed. He used a burst railgun and with the help of Saya's spirit they defeated Creed. Train lives his life free of worries with his partner and best friend, Sven and Eve.


Due to all the years of training, Train has enhanced stats, casually dodging clips of machine gun fire in a small area and blocking multiple bullets out of the air with ease. He can leap multiple meters in the air without difficulty. Train is known as a crack shot and is the best in the world using his 20/20 vision. He hardly misses and prefers to use neutralizing shots to disable his opponents rather than kill them. He can shoot bullets into the barrels of other guns and even shoot bullets out of the air after they have been fired. He is a smart fighter and has an unnatural sense of trigonometry and is capable of using trick shots which ricochet off multiple angles to hit his opponents. Train had a technique where he would rapidly spin and fire bullets to accelerate himself faster and he would slash his opponent with his gun and it would leave 4 claw marks across the chest. This move was called Black Claw. He also had one where me made a cross shape instead of a claw and dubbed this Black Cross. Despite his good nature, Train also has an uncanny ability to strike fear into the hearts of some enemies by making eye contact. He has used this on henchmen before to paralyze them in a sense so they would stop shooting him and he would pass on towards Toroneo. When his body became infected with nanomachines he manages to manipulate them to create staticelectricity. The orichalcum in his gun Hades can act as a catalyst for the nanomachines. This allows him to focus the electricity into the barrel of Hades, turning it into a railgun. He is able to fire four of these daily, due to the energy consumption it takes to create the electricity. Train loses this ability after using it against Creed in their final battle.

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