Spider-Man 4's Villains Speculation and Black Cat's Audition

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According to this Yahoo! article, it says that The Lizard, The Vulture and Black Cat might make their appearances to the silver screen. What you guys think? I think it's gonna be great to see three villains at the same time (If the rumor is true) provided that the producers know how to pull this off. There's also a caution at the end of the article where the movie might introduced the son of Peter and Mary-Jane Parker. Wow, what a bad idea. Anyway, the main thing that has me excited is to see Black Cat in the movie. I've been waiting for this moment because she's one of my favorite female comic book characters. It'll be cool to see Peter Parker having some sort of love trouble with the ladies (Mary-Jane, Gwen Stacy and Black Cat). Can't wait. However, the biggest question is who is fit enough to fill in the feline fatale's shoes?

Who deserves to be Black Cat?
Personally, I wanted to have Jessica Alba or Scarlett Johansson to be Black Cat but too bad they've already been reserved as the Invisible Woman and the Black Widow so scratched that idea. The article mentioned Rachel McAdams and Julia Stiles to play Black Cat. Rumor has it that Rachel declined the offer but as for Julia, no news so far. No offense but I truly feel Julia Stiles shouldn't be Black Cat. Don't get me wrong. Julia is a great actress but she definitely doesn't fit to be the feline bombshell, just like how I feel about Kirsten Dunst as Mary-Jane. Yeah, to this day I still feel Kirsten isn't the perfect choice as Spidey's love interest ever since the first movie. It should be someone else but oh well, you can't win 'em all. When I saw Spider-Man 3, I thought Bryce Dallas Howard was perfect as Felicia Hardy's alter ego but once again, she already has a role as Gwen Stacy. Bummer!
I read somewhere in the ComicVine forums where some of you suggested Pamela Anderson as Black Cat. Interesting choice...but no. Perhaps a supermodel should play as Black Cat like Hilary Rhoda or Gisele Bundchen. That would be awsome. Anybody has other suggestions?
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Personally Im not really a fan of Black Cat. Never really had any respect of her besides Mr.Happy down there!

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They're going to introduce 3 new characters and not have it be a total crap fest? Sam Raimi thinks he's a magician now.

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Please... god no. Having 3 villains is a bit much. If they're doing 3 villains, at least exchange the Vulture for someone a bit more... interesting! I'd love to see Black Cat, but not as a main villain.

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Yeah, having three villains is a bit too much. Perhaps they should consider cutting down the rogues gallery?

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For Black Cat's role, personally I think Melody Perkins would do a great job as Felicia, but thats my opinion. I'd also like Elisha Cuthbert to fill the role. And I think they should make Felicia an anti-hero.

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If they would`ve made it, that could`ve been okay. But then again, maybe it`s good that they decided to make a reboot. Maybe it isn`t. 
I don`t think that Black cat should necessarily have big Mammary glands in the life action version.

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If she were to be played by someone I'd go for Alice Eve or Amber Heard.

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