Marvel Unveils J. Scott Campbell's Black Cat Variant Cover

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Black Cat is getting a four issue mini-series. The first issue goes on sale on June 16, 2010. The series will be written by Jen Van Meter with pencils by Javier Pulido. If you haven't already heard, Amanda Conner will provide the cover. Who could Marvel get to draw the variant cover? How about J. Scott Campbell.
As Spider-Man is being stalked in the Grim Hunt, the world's slyest, smartest and sneakiest jewel thief's latest heist puts her face-to-face with the family that's been terrorizing Spider-Man's dream and threatening those closest to him.
This may be a case when deciding between the regular cover and the variant will be a hard choice. Amanda Conner and J. Scott Campbell are both excellent artists. There's no official word on the ratio of the variant. Unfortunately, often you rarely get the chance to even see the variant cover at a comic shop. When they are available in smaller quantities, they often end up going straight to ebay. Comic retailers need to eat too, you know. 
Black Cat is an underrated character, in my opinion. I really have high hopes for this series but we'll have to see whether or not it delivers. If you need or want a refresher on Black Cat before this series comes out, don't forget we did a PSA video on Ms. Felicia Hardy a few months back.
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I care very little for that Campbell cover actually... I don't often like his stuff at all, but that one just doesn't look right to me. On the other hand, Amanda Connor could draw a stick figure and I would love it. That and Jen Van Meter writing means I will be buying this.

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Kinda reminds me of Adam Hughes' Catwoman covers... but rushed... and not as good... Sorry, I know I sound catty (no pun intended) but J Scott Campbell will only impress  me when he can be bothered to regularly work on internal art instead of covers.  Plus, I actually think the Amanda Connor cover is much nicer :)

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now if he could just finish a monthly book again people under 30 might care. oops.

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I prefer Amanda's Cover.

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meeeee- ow

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That's a very nice image. It's sexy without being very sleazy. The color work makes for some really impressive depth.
 Her neck looks a bit long though. It's stuff like this that also kind of irritates me that he only does covers now.

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Actually I agree with most of the above... although that is a good cover I prefer the Amanda Connor cover... JScott does a good Black Cat... in his own time:

Black Cat_6
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I like both covers.

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Me gustalo.

#10 Posted by xerox_kitty (17338 posts) - - Show Bio

Yes, Please!

No, Thanks!
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That cover is hot!

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Campbell never disappoints :D

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@Preacherl2k:@xerox-kitty:  me 2
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Well, gee, I wonder if I'll be buying this series...let me think...

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I want to go to there.

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Seriously? I prefer the Campbell cover, though all the work I've seen on this thread is incredible. As an artist myself, non-artistic people who think this s**t is easy, need to put a lid on it. It's easy to sit back and pick on something when you have no idea what went into it or how hard the artist actually works at it. I have a HUGE amount of respect for comic book artists whether they do whole issues or just covers. Comic book artists have to know how to draw EVERYTHING and a TON of work goes into it, things you don't even think about when reading a comic: Choice of lighting, angle, moment, depth of the shot... it's more work than directing a movie, it's all five senses boiled down to one: sight. Anyone who bought the Danger Girl series knows Scott Cambell is a master. 

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Campbell & Connor just know how to draw women extremely sexy.  =)
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@xerox-kitty:  Why not?
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I'm so psyched for some character development on Felicia, the last time I really loved her was in the first half of 'The Evil That Men Do' mini, which ended so poorly everyone has pretty much forgotten it. 

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I completely agree Black Cat is deffindly underated. I'm really excited for her mini series. hopefully this will take off well and she'll get an on going. And/or a spinoff  movie.
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I like Amanda Conner but J Scott Campbell does a better, sexier  Black Cat

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I think it's the coloring that's throwing me off...I love Campbell's work...LOVE IT!! but I'm used to seeing his stuff look more polished after coloring

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Also, it doesn't feel right talking about Black Cat artists without giving a nod to Dodson. 

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 "Comic retailers need to eat too, you know." 
testify G-man!

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finally, ive been wanting another Black Cat series XD 

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i dont see what the these other people see in the amanda conners cover i see  nothing really special about it now on ther other hand j. scott campells cover has PAZAZZ it grabs my attenion where as conners doesnt its just blah
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wow that cover rocks, best Black Cat cover ever. it blows Amanda's away

#28 Posted by rudorudo (54 posts) - - Show Bio

J. Scott Is God

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The 2 page spread of Black Cat in a recent issue of ASM (630 I think) was awesome. Pretty sure it was penciled by Chris Bachalo..? But with Pulido's recent work on the title I'm sure the art in this is gonna be top notch. 

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i like both covers but the campbell one looks as if he was trying to imitate adam hughes technique. the conner one is alot more interesting and makes use of the text really well.
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@SpikeJones: Well said, man.  I couldn't agree more.  All these haters need to quit... especially the ones who can't even draw themselves.
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I like Black Cat, I like Campbell, but... just not this one.
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@VZA said:

" @SpikeJones: Well said, man.  I couldn't agree more.  All these haters need to quit... especially the ones who can't even draw themselves. "

 You don't have to be an artist to know what looks good to you. Campbell's work is in the public eye so it will be judged.
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If it came down to purchasing one or the other I would choose the J.S. Campbell variant.  There is a certain sensuality his art portrays that other artists fail to interpret.
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Ever play twister?
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J.Scott Campbell is awesome for Black Cat.

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Black Cat Mini Series Finally! ♥
@sora_thekey:  oh yeah I like both of those. I like the Amanda Cover aside from the TAcky Balck Cat written on her outfit.
The other one just looks too Jessica Rabbit Cartoony.
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I love Black CAt and i'll be getting this mini. She must have an ongoing series or solo movieee!!
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I'm getting both covers!

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