Comics 101: Black Cat, A PSA Video

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make more videos I love it

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funny video

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Is this Roxana a new addition to the Comicvine family ? And I hope that's not the type of clothes you wore back when you were a Math teacher , G-Man....ha ha

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Woah... now we know what 'Math Teacher Tony' looked like ;) 
Another cool feature!  Is this a by-product of the 30 second explanations?

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very entertaining

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well i dont think a spider-man 4 would work at all

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Okay, that was pretty cool. I really loved it! It would be cool to see more video 'spotlights' on other characters too! Over at UXN they do the featured character too, and it's pretty cool. Loved the video though. Great job!
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I loved this! Great job!

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yall are so stupid...this was hilarious
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you're the best, are you gaining weight???
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Love it....  Especially the part where Geekachu appeared!
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Man, that green screen is doing wonders for you guys. I loved the "after school special"  feel to it. I hope you continue to make more of these.

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was wondering when this video was coming, also I don't know if it's just me but Tony kinda reminds me of Brick Tamland

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@The Prez said:
"make more videos I love it "

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wow thats ridiculous. how can she hang upside down with her hair or necklace not hanging down?

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weird. i was just shuffling through an index of all of the known PSA Marvel comics last

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Haha awesome  
Felecia on the big screen FTW!
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Wow that was great I hope you guys make more videos like this one.
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I salute the comb over!

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Yay black cat :D
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LOL Black cat is so sexy XD
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This is an awesome new feature. I love the touch of the screen grain and the suit with the haircut.
It's amazing how Black Cat's hair and collar charm can seem the defy gravity there. I know we have been hearing about "Felicia" being added to the movie, but rumors have been not as Black Cat. Really, if she doesn't play Black Cat and is still in the film. I could pass on this movie altogether.

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Totally the best ComicVine video yet! Please do more, G-man! I'd love a Mysterio. =]
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thats why i dislike Black Cat as a True Love Interest for SPidey why... cuz she digs SPidey not Pete... thats why shes a Jumpoff

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OOweee, that's one hot Black Cat. Of all the characters, thanks for making a video about the Black Cat. Please make more!

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Black Cat turning into Geekachu got a chuckle out of me, nice video!

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lol. Good stuff.

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Awesome and informative!

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LOL Nice job on this one guys.

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She's one of my favorite Spider man characters

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Simply brilliant.
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You need to do more of these 101 videos on other comic book charaters.  Great stuff.
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Wow  1960's hokeyness mix in with support spidey charters, just makes cry until luagh or is it  the other way around ?  
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What a great video. that had to take a lot of time to make. 
I have to go look up now how long ago catwoman was introduced into Batman. Spring 1940 ok so long before the black cat. She too is cat like female and has a relationship with Batman. I love Spiderman but it is always rippingoff batman comics for ideas. Of course King Pin was in spiderman in 1967 Black Mask wasn't in Batman until 1985. 

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This was really good. I hope there are more videos like this in the future.

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Nice.  You should make this a regular feature.  It was funny, the music was appropriate and the production was great. 
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That was cute, and a very good bio for Ms. Hardy.

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LMFAO at G-Man's hair cut. Nice look stud. XD
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@Agent Buttons: I'm willing to take one for the team.
Staff Online
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LOL, Classic, G-Man. great video and great job to all that worked on it!

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That was hilarious! More of these types of videos would be greatly appreciated!

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hahaha nice

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@G-Man: Would you consider this your first 3 minute expert video?
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The best short, low budget film ever made on someone that doesn't even exist. 
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Awesome stuff. 
I can't get enough of Felicia

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