Black Cat strength

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According to Comic Vine, Black Cat is super strong. Can you tell me what books/series she has super strength? In the 1994's and 2010's series (Black Cat) she looks strong, but not super strong.

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Marvel database as 800 pounds. But they tend to be a little out outrageous.

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But Marvel strength is nowhere like DC strength!  In DCU, even normal citizens are stronger than people in Marvel like Daredevil! 
BC fought Spider-Man quite well as well as others much stronger.  She does have some super-strength.  I think probably like 500 pounds, but 800 is good too.
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I wasn't aware that she had any super strength but I guess 800 pounds sounds pretty reasonable for a 110 pound woman.

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@MrUnknown: Same here. I thought it she had about average strength of someone who works out. But I read that her costume gives her the extra strength thanks to the Tinkerer.
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Naw, BC has some real strength.   
When she first appeared, BC had the upper human level beyond that of an olympic-level athlete without any drug or mutant enhancement.  Maybe lifting 250-300 pounds.  She could do complicated splits, flips and springs with minimal to no effort.  She could do standing high jumps of 6 ft and standing broadjumps of 10 ft.  All of those examples take much strength.  She fought Spidey and other foes.  BC even took on a tall, beefy nurse, subdued the nurse and made her set her free.   
Somewhere down the road, maybe when her powers first manifested, she developed more feline-y powers and of course, some slight superhuman strength to go along with increased speed, agility, senses and durability. 
Remember, back in the day, Black Widow was said to be able to lift 300 pounds.  This was before the retcon of her Russian SSS and nowadays BW can lift 500 pounds. 
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@MrUnknown said:
I wasn't aware that she had any super strength but I guess 800 pounds sounds pretty reasonable for a 110 pound woman.
Hahaha, if weight and height were any factor almost any superhero would be unrealistically strong.
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I would love to see Black Cat fight Hellcat! 
Also, maybe the orgiginal Cat!
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I think shes modified to be weaker than Cap, but Stronger than Harley Quinn on the scale of modified humans. It depends really sometimes she's Hulkin it up and other times a random bad guy puch hurts her.
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tinkerer gave her costume enhancements right? balance earrings, & a costume that boosts strength. dont ask me how that is possible.

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