Black Cat and Spider-Woman

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As you know the Black Cat was originally a character intended for the Spider-Woman Series. With my Black Cat and Spider-Woman obsession, I illustrated some variant covers for the Spider-Woman direction. Check them out.

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Really great stuff, Black Cat is my Favorite and I am a big fan of Spiderwoman, also. There is a comic I would subscribe to, if the got a great artist like Benes from Justice League of America to do it!

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i like spider-woman!!! i hope she wins

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I wonder what it would have been like

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go black cat ^_^

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Wow very nicely done! They look great! I love both characters dearly! But I think Spiderwoman would win if they were to go at it. She's got good training.

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@weather witch: No chance. : )
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Marc Wolfman once said that if the Black Cat appeared in Spider-Woman as he planned, she would have been a very different character then we all know and love today. And this version of her would not have been the love interest for Spider-Man either. If the power that be were to have given Spider-Man a heroine love interest, it might have been either The Black Widow or Spider-Woman.

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I can't open the link, it's a shame, is the one on the top post something you've drawn?

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