The Wedding

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Okay I hated it, Poor is not the word for it, The villian fight was stupid in fact the whole thing was, It would be nice for once for DC to get some back bone and not cave into going for the cheap shots.

I mean they made canary into a totally freak and Ollie well best not say, But It would have been cool just to have some nice art and good writing, Maybe even just have a nice wedding issue!

But no it had gaps and was jumpy , I shake my head at you DC in utter shame , Is this what you hae come to cheap and poor!

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The new team up is a good read.
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Yeah I liked it, I just felt that they destoryed something that could have been so good, The wedding had so much that could have worked, But they made it into a joke.

Sorry I am really passionate about this , I have been reading Green Arrow from the Long bow hunter and If you read that you see what Ollie and Canarys love life is all about, Even in Justice you see it, But this was a shame and I know it is not meant to be Ollie, But still that would have been a better twist if they had made the wedding perfect.

Nothing went worng it was a beautiful cermony and then bam at the end he tries to kill her, I just felt robbed!

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Yeah, I don't see why they had to ruin it.

I reckon if they wanted something with fighting in it, they should have not made Green Arrow all weird and made him kill her, even though he failed, but made them team up together to fight against some other enemy. They then they win, and then something could happen to Green Arrow.

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I know it just seemed empty, More story less punch would have been the way to go!

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i'll admit that i've never really followed either canary or green arrow but all the things i've read about that wedding got me interested. i read a couple comics leading up to it & got the wedding issue & i feel basically the same way. they seemed like one of the few "real" couples in comics. the ending totally pissed me off & pretty ended any interest i had in reading anything else about them.

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I did like the art, but not for this kind of comic. It was too cartoon-ish for me.

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The art , the story, It was all bad, the fight was even to mixed for me, It was just rubbish!

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I'll admit that Wedding issue wasn't as great as i'd hoped...

but the second issue was hilarious, how can you go wrong with Batman performing an autopsy on Green Arrow with a chainsaw?

brilliant stuff :D


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Was not great, You kidding me , Canary was a joke , Ollie was a fool.

The thing with it all was , where was the love that they show from earlier days, The thing that makes them them, It was not there it was gone, I felt nothing for them and I hoped so much , But no it was a waste of my time to read it.

I was dissapointed .

And we all no why they ended it the way they did Canary and Arrow Wedding mach 2 great !

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If DC are to recover that backbone you say they have lost, then Dinah will not go through with another ceremony and will instead admit that her true feelings are for Batman! (See my argument on another thread)

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