She needs to fly like banshee.

#1 Posted by dewboy01 (2362 posts) - - Show Bio
#2 Posted by htb106 (1724 posts) - - Show Bio

No, because then she would just be female Banshee...

#3 Posted by MrMiracle77 (1673 posts) - - Show Bio
@htb106 said:

No, because then she would just be female Banshee...

Which is what Siryn already is.
#4 Posted by Rumble Man (11197 posts) - - Show Bio

lel no

she is supposed to be street level with canary cry on the side not full blown sound manipulator with extra martial arts

#5 Posted by Ravager4 (1688 posts) - - Show Bio

I think she already did this in a recent Birds of Prey issue to clear a canyon or something...

#6 Posted by PowerHerc (86165 posts) - - Show Bio

No. She doesn't.

#7 Posted by colonyofcells (2039 posts) - - Show Bio

I prefer Black Canary to go back to her roots of having no powers and just use gadgets. Maybe Black Canary can have a sonic gadget and can use a flight gadget as needed similar to Batman.

#8 Posted by IanAubrey (49 posts) - - Show Bio

The Canary won't be who she is if not for her Canary Cry. Using her powers to fly, that's something I've been waiting for for a long time now.. some development of the character

#9 Posted by Mercy_ (93733 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm not a fan of it, personally.

#10 Posted by marvel123 (397 posts) - - Show Bio

i wouldn't mind seeing black canary glide like banshee,....... why not, she has the power to do so, might as well use it. i don't see her as just the female version of banshee at all....she's her own person

#11 Posted by JSH92 (442 posts) - - Show Bio

Actually, she's already done something like this in the New 52 Birds of Prey series. It's during the arc where they go to Japan to help Katana.

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