Black Canary Fighting Skill Feats

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Ok everyone knows or should know Black Canary is a very skilled fighter. What are some of the Feats that she has done which support this? Does anyone have any descriptions or scans of her using her Great fighting ability to defeat enemies?

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Here's a bunch of scans. Hope they help a little bit. 


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@MrDirector786:  Thanks!
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Black Canary also took down Giganta, if anyone has scans.........
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When she was depowered all she did was martial arts.  Check out the Monkey Brotherhood story arc.She teams up with Bronze Tiger and holds her own.

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Bump, we need more Dinah love

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She destroyed moving arrows that Merlyin fire to her, while she was going to save Sin.

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Here's a bunch of scans. Hope they help a little bit.

What comic is that from?

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I know this is REEEEALLY old... But I have over 900 scans of Black Canary's skills (Pre and New 52), and I'll just show the best I have :)

1. She beats a depowered Wonder Woman in a sparring match. Diana was actually trying to take Dinah down until she realized that she really did NOT want to be in the JLA. This is a great prove of Pre-Crisis Black Canary's prowess.

2. Her second and last encounter with Hellhound. She blocked his same kick that made her fall to the ground once in the past (which is already posted) and she knocks him out instantly. She mentions that she broke his kneecap; that must have happened just by catching his leg.

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