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Having successfully infiltrated the Noah's Ark Circus in the guise of rookie perforers, Earl Ciel Phantomhive and his butler, Sebastian, set about gathering clues backstage as to the whereabouts of the missing children. But when a turn at a snooping puts Ciel on the trail of a man whose identity is shrouded in mystery, he sets his consummate manservant to the task of investigating further. This time, however, Sebastian must call upon one of the more infamously wicked skills of his king to solve the puzzle. As he stalks his vulnerable prey in the shadows of the fairgrounds, is his young master prepared for where the ill-gotten gains of his butler's methods will lead?

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 28: In the Morning : The Butler, Parleying
  • Chapter 29: At Noon : The Butler, Scandalous
  • Chapter 30: In the Afternoon : The Butler, Nurturing
  • Chapter 31: At Night : The Butler, A Spectator
  • Chapter 32: At Midnight : The Butler, Mocking







Story Arcs

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