does black bolt have super strength?

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Yes, most Inhumans have some degree of superhuman strength. Black Bolt can also use his powers to augment his strength.

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Inhumans as a species are physically superior to Humans in almost every way so technically he's already stronger than a human. And his powers allow him to augment his base strength to what can be called superhuman levels.
So yes, he does :)

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Of course Black Bolt has Super strength! Plus He's the most powerful Inhuman out of all the Inhumans!  I believe he's even more powerful then the Hulk! And stronger then he is too! So yeah! He definitely has Super Strength!

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@Comicgirl93: Alirght he is NOT physicly stronger then the hulk your taking it a bit too far.
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@Theworldbreaker:  Well Maybe, a bit. But I think I should just take back what I said on that one. I mean it is true when they say that the angrier the hulk gets, the more stronger he gets, yes that's true there! But it was mentioned that Black Bolt shot the Hulk into Space. I think he can basically just knock the wind out of the Hulk or put him down for a little way. And just to get him out of the way for a bit. So anyway, Black Bolt may have Super Strength and be the most powerful Inhumans out of all of them, but the Hulk is ten times more STRONGER! According to the angrier the stronger and more powerful he gets. That's true for sure! 
"Nuff said."
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From what I know of Black Bolt and any stat listings I've ever seen, he seems to start at base level ... in the range of 1 - 2 tons. 
Yet this can be amplified greatly to increase his strength to somewhere between 60 - 75 tons through electron / energy manipulation.
Although even at that amped range of strength,  ... the feats of strength he has shown over the years, especially recently, would give the impression that he is capable of pushing it much further. 
He has either held his own or overpowered such opponents as Hulk, Namor, and Gladiator. 

It would seem Marvel has it in their mind that Black Bolt can amp himself to a far greater strength level than once believed. 
Considering his ability to amplify his speed through energy manipulation is vast and almost beyond measure ... this may be a new direction for the character. 
He is definitely one of Marvel's most powerful "overall" ... and perhaps now, a contender for being included as one of the strongest. 

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He's able to channel his control of electrons for superhuman strength originally shown to be slightly higher than the Thing's. 
Since then his strength showings have varied; sometimes he's shown/described in the 60 ton area while he's recently shown strength that would place him in or very near Marvel's upper echelon of strong characters.
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BB is a beast 
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Hrm... You'd think living in a low gravity environment would cause atrophy to Black Bolts muscles, rendering him not near superhuman levels. Interesting to ponder, no?

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@MydLyfeCrysis said:
Hrm... You'd think living in a low gravity environment would cause atrophy to Black Bolts muscles, rendering him not near superhuman levels. Interesting to ponder, no?

That may happen to an ordinary human, but he is an Inhuman so i guess that why it has no effect.
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if he can wrestle hulk.................

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