Black Bolt and His powers

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It says telepathy but I have never seen Black Bolt use telepathy and if he did have telpathy woudn't he use it to tell everyone what he thought and have no use of Medusa.

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Post Deleted.

#3 Posted by Zantin (82 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't exactly understand it myself either but I really don't think it telapathic.

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She reads his body language, even the slightest movements. I compare it to how Batgirl reads people, but specialized only for Black Bolt and still not that good. She rarely messes up though.

Black Bolt does't really have telepathy, but he can mess with people's heads by altering the electrons in the brain, like Magneto.

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Well I did an attempt to take out Telepathy out of his page and it is still pending.

#6 Posted by Prodigal Son (3473 posts) - - Show Bio

Post Deleted.

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Who added it? Just trying to remember. Was it you, Buckshot?

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I always wondered what that silly antennae was for. Now I know. As for his body language, on one of the alternate Earths visited by the Exiles, Susan Richards learned to read him after Medusa and Reed were killed by Iron Man. I wonder why the Inhumans never just learned sign language?

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Ms. Invisible says:

"Who added it? Just trying to remember. Was it you, Buckshot?"

I added the Powers section (text) and the Energy Manipulation power.

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Black Bolt's powers are all based on electron manipulation from his master blow to his catastrophic voice and more. His terragenesis is useful in possibly the most areas of any Inhuman.It's definitely one of the most potent of all the terrestrial Marvel characters.
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He's considered by many as one of Marvels more powerful characters

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i agree...but i just want to know this:why black bolts powers does not surpress hulks powers just like maximus?

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Because Hulk was in such an advanced stage of rage that his abilities were magnified to an alarming degree

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Actually Black Bolt can read people's minds but not not communicate(at least I'm guessing).

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He did number on the Mandarin.

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In the Marvel Knights Inhuman limited series Black Bolt shows the ability to shut Maximus (a powerful telepath) out of his mind. He actually manipulates Maximus into doing exactly what he wants over the course of the series. I would assume this involves some form of telepathy, albeit of a more subtle nature than that of Xavier or Jean Grey, or Emma Frost. Black Bolt is partially characterized by his willingness to keep secrets from pretty much everyone in order to maintain the safety and freedom of the denizens of Attilan, and the extent of his psychic abilities may be one of those secrets.

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im sorry but ive never really gotten into black bolt but are you guys saying that he cant talk please message me about this

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@emperorvulcan432:  Black Bolt  has a voice so powerful he could destroy a city with a whisper. he communicates through sign language with his wife Medusa. He has also strictly trained himself to not speak no matter what.

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