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The Black Blade of Baghdad is an indestructible blade forged by the Middle-Eastern wizard Black Raazer. When years of using the blade for evil tainted the blade, it then turned Black Raazer into a wraith with no true corporal form. It was during one of those many trips across the world that Puck found Black Raazer and his magic blade. Finding them both dangerous to himself and others he took the blade in into his body causing him to shriek in constant pain. During a fight with Deadly Ernest, Puck ended up holding Nemesis' sword which reminded him of the time he used a black blade himself, the weakness allowed the creature to come forth. While the Alpha Flight did fight it, they were not truly capable of beating Black Raazer the wraith for those who are not capable of being killed can only be contained. Later when Black Raazer joined Desert Sword he still used his destructive weapon.


Like most magic blades the Black Blade of Baghdad seems indestructible, along with that it drains the life of whoever is cut while shrinking its victims height.

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