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With a long line of ancestors involved and practiced in the supernatural and dark arts, in the 17th century, Rupert Kemp made a pact with Satan. Wishing for immortality and power he was granted immortality and power by the way of becoming a creature that was both Vampire and Werewolf. Powerful and blood thirsty he was responsible for a string of attacks and murders. In modern times, still a deadly and vicious killer, he often committed brutal murders. An encounter with Courtney Ross and Captain Britain however, leaving the Vampire, Werewolf slain, with his soul Satan's to claim.


Black Baron was created by Larry Lieber, Jim Lawrence, Ron Wilson

Powers and Abilities

Superhuman strength, speed and durability, Black Baron also had the ability to have different forms. His two main forms, being that of a Vampire and that of a Werewolf. While in his Werewolf form, triggered by the moon's light, he was stronger and more ferocious. However his mental acuity would suffer and he demonstrated less control and ability with magic. He was practiced and skilled in dark magic and over 300 years old. He had the ability to create illusions and was immune to conventional gunfire.

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