Black Alice, where is she now? Where you'd like to see her?

#1 Posted by Sinestro2828 (1530 posts) - - Show Bio

Where is Black Alice right now in the DC universe?  She part of the Secret Six?  Suicide Squad?  Or a free agent again?
Where'd you like to see Black Alice the most?  Personally I think she'd make a great Teen Titan villain, especially as part of Slade's new Villains for Hire team >8D

#2 Posted by Darkmount1 (1289 posts) - - Show Bio

Eh, keep her as an anti-hero. She's already got enough baggage as is.

#3 Posted by ChadwickDavis (444 posts) - - Show Bio
I agree with you completely. On top of that she is actually an excellent anti-hero; a angry teenager withy the power to steal magical powers; she is like an amazo for the magical community she scares everybody but she has a "good heart"...for the most part.    
#4 Posted by Darkmount1 (1289 posts) - - Show Bio
Yeah, my sentiments exactly. Although she could at least try and patch things up with Misfit, since they ARE related, after all....
#5 Posted by Eyz (3042 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd like to see a new "magic" team on-going, like the return of the Shadowpact.
Then she could fit in that book easily :P
Alongside the Warlock's Daughter for exemple:

#6 Posted by Pokeysteve (8869 posts) - - Show Bio

Just thinking about BA earlier. Definitely like to see her patch things up with misfit and I think they should have a mini series. They team up for something and have to work together. Lots of fun. 

#7 Posted by Aeroman (502 posts) - - Show Bio

I can probably want to see her in the new Justice League Dark series

#8 Posted by Joygirl (20033 posts) - - Show Bio

She should get her own series alongside the MIA Raven! I think they'd make a fun pair. Maybe throw Misfit in too.

#9 Posted by Joe_Amazing (102 posts) - - Show Bio

Still no signs of BA. I'm guessing they'll kill her off in one of the Young Justice books like they did to Artemis in "The Culling".

#10 Posted by Krakoa (505 posts) - - Show Bio

She'd be good in Justice League Dark. Or in a Teen Titans version of Justice League Dark.

#11 Posted by Joygirl (20033 posts) - - Show Bio

Nice to see someone is thinking about her, I adore her. ^_^ No sign of her yet though.

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