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I know it was a very small thing, but I did enjoy the Black Adam reference in this weeks Isis episode of Smallville.

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@MisterDK: Heh, me too. I was going "Oh my God, Teth-Adam! That's Black Adam!" and she was thinking "wtf are you on about?" (Then I explained that he was Captain Marvel's enemy and she caught on :P)
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i did not catch it.

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I SOO need to watch Smallville 

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damn, I need to start Season 10, I loved the finale to Season 9 but I usually like to watch Smallville in a marathon rather then one episode at a time

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I was digging it seeing Black Adam's name. 
I'm kind of hoping Capt. Marvel and Black Adam will be on the show. But I seriously doubt it.
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@Metatron_Da_Don:  I would post it with the spoiler trick(just in case) but I don't know how, so..

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wow i missed that
most of been just a quick flash then

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