Pronunciation of "Adam"

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I don't know if anyone else does this, but I know at least a few people do, myself included. See if this fits you--

When I pronounce Black Adam, I say "blak ah-dum".

However, when I say Teth-Adam, I pronounce it "teth-ah-dahm".

They're both Adam, the same word, spelled the same way... why does the Teth make it so much more exotic? Is that the way it should be said? Or should it always use exotic pronunciation? Should it be "blak ah-dahm"? Or "teth-ah-dum"? Because both of those would be weird.

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K and Th, the cause for the differential, soft and hard tones. Common in pronunciation of any language.

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nope...not me....I read both of them as Adam....but to be fair the only reason I know pronounce Ra's Al Ghul's name the way I do is because of B:TAS....and I can't think of any time I've heard Black Adam's name being pronounced any differently than just plain Adam

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I always pronounce it like "atom," or "adom." That's probably wrong, though.

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I guess that's just how it rolls off the tongue hehe

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I always pronounce it like "atom," or "adom." That's probably wrong, though.

That may actually be right, seeing as he is Egyptian Kahndaqian. Either Atom/Atum or "ad-DAHM" is likely the most accurate, I think.

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Doesn't matter, Rogue still wins.

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Oh if it's the Egyptian pronunciation then i believe it's "Atum" (Ah-Tuum)

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