Is he really evil?

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Some people see Black Adam as some evil, malevolent being. Is he really that evil, from what i've seen i'd compare him to someone like Stalin or Napoleon. Very patriotic and probably not the  best leader but capable at presenting the interest of his country and making it peaceful and powerful.  His badness isn't excessive like Darkseid or Mongul and neither is he really that selfish like Lex Luthor. The fact he doesn't go around scheming like many villains do on world domination or power is a testimony to that. 
Do you think he is truly evil? 

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Let's just say his Peter Parker's bad luck can't compete with Black Adam's bad luck. The fact that he was willing to stop a crazy Isis from destroying Khadaq proves just how much good he is. He only thinks what's best for his family and his people.

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I like BA I think he deserves a like more respect ya know. I hope DC puts him and the rest of the marvel family in the new 52.

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nah Black Marvels a cool guy when you get to know him
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Yes, he is really, really evil.

Check out his entire history, not just the recent past where DC tried to portray him as an anti-hero of sorts.

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Well if he is evil then what dose Isis see in him ? I mean isant she a good guy ?

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Well if he is evil then what dose Isis see in him ? I mean isant she a good guy ?

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Ahh thats sweet. But if Adam is capibule of love then he is not truely evil ?

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He's the Doctor Doom of DC, evil most of the time, but on occasion can do benevolent things for both the world and his country.

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Ahh thats sweet. But if Adam is capibule of love then he is not truely evil ?

Look at the Joker and Harley Quinn
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He USED to be REALLY evil but over the past couple of years, DC has changed his image to be more of an Anti-Hero. A good guy with bad intentions...or is he a bad guy with good intentions? I really like Black Adam now, I think he should get more respect and have more air time. I would say he should be in a solo book, but I don't think that would last very long and since CM isn't even getting his own book, it definitely wouldnt happen. I would then suggest him join a team, like JSA, but thats Earth-2 now so that won't happen either....

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I think Black Adam dose deserve a little more respect.

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i think black adam deserves a whole lot more.

in a sence he is like the Vegeta of DC. ( PLEASE BEAR with me here )

He has lost his family TWICE, his wife and 2 kids, Then he lost ISIS and his brother in Law. ( ISIS brother ) Black Adam has lost SO much im still amazed at his character. Also he is a prince and cares very much for the good of his people.

Need i go on?

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Yes. But not in the typical way.

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He's quite arrogant and headstrong pre New 52. That's led to a whole lot of conflicts in the past. And he's committed plenty of highly morally dubious acts over the years.

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Well he is evil in the way that if he is pissed,he will kill you brutally but he can be good sometimes.

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yes and no.

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I think he is just neutral,not evil.

He only cares about himself,and no one else.

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At his worst, yes Black Adam has been pretty evil in terms of what he does.

At his best, Black Adam has been an anti-hero.

I believe in judging someone by their actions.

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I'd have to say he's like this character!

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Black Adam is not evil like Darkseid, but he will kill. He is like Kratos lvl of evil. He will kill anyone who gets in his way.

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About as evil as Ozymandias

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