Is Black Adam dead in the new 52??

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Do you think Teth Adam is officially dead or do you think he'll be coming back?

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He'll be back.

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Yea lets just kill off Shazam's only rouge.

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He obviously won't stay dead.

@mr_ingenuity said:

Yea lets just kill off Shazam's only rouge.

The recent Shazam arc introduced at least three other Captain Marvel villains.

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The DCnU is still laying a foundation for everyone and already we have one of the Marvels defeated/killed by the tired, old "get him to say his magic word" nonsense!

As much as I hate the non-permenance of comic book "deaths" I want to see Adam come back and show just why he is Earth's origional BAMF'ing champion! Actually I would like to see Adam as purely an anti-hero this time around instead of yo-yoing between occasional anti-hero and pure evil tyrant. Possibly a mentor like relationship between him and Billy?

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