Black Adam vs All you suckas

#1 Posted by Sling Shot (3861 posts) - - Show Bio

The new Black Adam comic is dope. with out powers Teth Adam is no joke.

#2 Posted by Mr. Ubiquitous (1068 posts) - - Show Bio

Black Adam? HA...he ain't, Black EVE...she's the bad apple...;)

#3 Posted by Mr. Ubiquitous (1068 posts) - - Show Bio

WOW...that was a good joke, I thought...


#4 Posted by Shazam (Lord M.) (648 posts) - - Show Bio

Adam Shmadam i'd pimpslap him anyday!

#5 Posted by warlock360 (28180 posts) - - Show Bio

Slap him silly anyday ;D

#6 Posted by Sling Shot (3861 posts) - - Show Bio

Yeah SHazam is the dude,buuut BA can't be denied with out the godwave he is a bonafide gee.

#7 Posted by Lantern Of Hatred (1626 posts) - - Show Bio

oaky... crack... at it's finest is this thread... MOVING ALONG

Black Adam is basically Egyptian Shazam... that raises new question... Norse Shazam?

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