Black Adam Respect

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Forgive me. I had a virus on the computer I made this thread on. I'll post scans I was able to recover on to my new computer.


Breaks out of Green Lantern constructs

Scan 1-2: Beats Atom Smasher in an arm wrestle

Scan 3-5: Throws an aircraft carrier with ease.

Scan 6-7: Thunder clap.


Clocks March 500+

Fights Flash at speeds that makes everything around them look frozen in time.


Destroys Amazo

Holds his own against Captain Marvel in a long fight.

Takes on Spectre.

That is all I could recover from my old laptop.

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Adam VS The JSA

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Come on, that can't be it!

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Any issue where Adam is shown putting his knuckles to someone's face is a good issue.

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