mask_of_tengu's Black Adam: The Dark Age #1 review

What Kings will Do

Teth Adam has some really loyal followers. They will die for him. They will do whatever he says. They will let Adam eat them. I did feel sorry for him in 52, but what he did to avenge Isis put him back to being a very bad guy. Then in Countdown we see that he is back to being Adam and gives his power away to Mary Marvel. This shows that this miniseries will bridge the 52-Countdown gap and let Adam find out his secret word...which I assume is "Sorry". With the U.N., the Bialyans, an unknown murderous group, and the JSA out to get Adam he has his followers beat him and change his appearance.

Adam then resurrects Isis in a Lazarus Pit. Without her ring finger. This going to be a really good story.


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