Bizarro in the new 52?

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It's likely that Bizarro will make an appearance in the new 52 but if he does do you think he will have the same origin and will he be the latest version of Bizarro or a clone of superman like the first two? Also do you think he will appear in action comics or superman comics first and will he have the same powers as superman or his opposite powers like Arctic vision or flame breath?

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Well Bizarro is among Superman's classic enemies and you yeah you are right, most likely he will appear in the reboot. I get the feeling that his origin would be closer to that of the clone or something similar anyway. No idea about the other two but I don't seen any reason why he shouldn't have his usual abilities.

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The New 52 Superman comic looks like it's just bringing new villains, and the quality of writing has been pretty off. The New 52 Action Comics, however, is about Superman's origin, so will have much more to do with already established villains. Based of this, and the fact that Grant Morrison loves to use all villains from a hero's Rogues Gallery when writing for them (as seen in his Batman run), it's much more likely we'll see Bizarro in Action than Superman. And it's going to be awesome.

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He could show up in Superboy, they are both clones of superman so it would make sense.

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but what if like he thinks he's the real superman like in the animated series then when he finds he out hes fake his mind breaks and he starts talking the way he does

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Well Morrison leaves after 16 or 17. Andy Diggle replaces him with 18. So far, we've already seen Morrison use Brainiac, Lex, and Metallo, with an updated version of the Kryptonite Man (K-Squad/K-Men), and I think the Kryptonite Man himself appeared in a recent annual), and mention of Mr. Mxy. It has been revealed however, with Scott Lobdell taking over the Superman self titled comic, that it will feature a crossover with Superboy and Supergirl, featuring a character named H'ell, who looks very similar to Bizarro, with the reversed "S-Shield" on his chest.

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He's going to appear in villains month. I thought that what Alan Moore did with him in Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? was really interesting, and I'd love to see it explored more

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Wow, he looks terrible. They couldn't just go with the regular purple and burgundy version of the super suit?

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Been following bizzaro in forever evil and just had a wild idea bizzaro is a clone of superman but what about his ice beams where would he get that .. well at some point the new version of captain cold loses his powers attacked by deathstorm who looks as tho he strips the meta human dna out of him... but what if lex got this dna and put it into his bizzaro clone it would provide a more modern scientific reason for his unusual freezing beams from his eyes

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