Best Bizarro stories?

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After a 10 year break, I'm getting back into comic books. I'm starting by collecting issues with characters I find the most interesting.

What are the funniest Bizarro stories? What stories focus mostly on Bizarro & less on Superman? What issues have the best drawn Bizarro? (So I can add more scans to the gallery).

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Funniest Bizarro comics?

There was an issue of Action Comics where he raced Zoom, which was awesome. 
There was a series where he teamed up with Ra's al-Ghul (who he always called Racer Cool :-p).  I think that was in Trinity.
And of course you can't go without Emperor Joker, where Bizarro # 1 first shows up.

For old school Bizarro, Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow is pretty epic.

My absolute favorite drawing of Bizarro that wasn't in any of those stories was in Infinite Crisis when the Society takes on the Freedom Fighters.  Scaaaary Bizarro.

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Escape From Bizarro World.. my personal favorite! i've read it a good 12 times! possibly the best artwork ive ever seen, and there's plenty of funny moments like when Bizarro-Brainiac gets arrested over a parking ticket, well, i won't spoil it all but just buy it!!!!!!!!!!!
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That was hilarious!, like when Superman uses his heat vision on Bizarro and Bizarro Lois yells "Call the gasoline company!"
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What about some more dark/serious Bizarro stories?


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