Who would be good for a Bizarro Injustice League?

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What Bizarro supervillains would you create for the Bizarro Injustice League?

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a bizarro wonderwoman.

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Bizzaro injustice league? Like what, a bizzaro joker, a guy who never laughs and has a irrational hatred for jokes? Or bizzaro Lex, the worlds greatest idiot...

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castleking said:
"a bizarro wonderwoman."
Heh, I remember the Bizzaro Wonder Woman from Robot Chicken.

So Bizzaro everyone, eh?
Armek (or another White Martian)

Pretty simple, and I think they've already done a group like that before.
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This is my version of a Bizarro Injustice League. On Earth they'd be considered heroes, but on Htrae they'd be considered villains of the highest order. The team consist of...

  • Bizarro Lex Luthor: A scientist and CEO of "LeksCoorp" (LexCorp spelt Bizarro-like) who absolutely likes Bizarro (which means he hates him in Bizarro terms). He comes up with dim-witted schemes to express his graciousness to Bizarro by doing things like fixing broken buildings or trying to be Bizarro's friend. Bizarro Lex Luthor is Htrae's most loved man (which means he is hated by everyone on Htrae...confusing isn't it?). Powers-Superhuman Stupidity and a Bizarro Lexorian Warsuit equipped with blue kryptonite, fireworks for missiles, paint balls for machine gun rounds and fire extinguishers on his feet for self-propelled flight.
  • Bizarro Joker: Once a much-loved comedian and husband, Bizarro Joker absolutly loved his life because it was going so well for him. However, one day when he was trying to help Batzarro (Bizarro Batman) solve a mystery in a toxic waste plant, Bizarro Joker was pushed in by Batzarro into a vat of the crude nuclear filth. When Bizarro Joker came out of the vat, he became insanely sad and he wanted all of Htrae to feel his sadness. Powers-Bizarro Joker has many weapons themed on sadness and clowns e.g. Bizarro Joker Venom forces the victim who breathes it in to cry to death and die with a ghastly frown on their face. Another weapon is the Sorrow Buzzer, a joy buzzer made by Bizarro Joker to electricute himself whenever he shakes someone's hand.
  • Bizarro Sinestro: Bizarro Sinestro used to be a member of the Sinestro Corps. He worked alongside his friend, Yellow Lantern (Bizarro Hal Jordan) in Space Sector-1284 and was apparently one of the worst Sinestros ever recruited because he'd often use his power ring for kindness instead of fear. Eventually when the Corps had enough of Bizarro Sinestro's actions, they removed Bizarro Sinestro's power ring and banished him from the Corps forever. After he left, Bizarro Sinestro deduced that if Yellow Lantern did the opposite of everything Hal Jordan did...then that he should do the opposite of everything Sinestro does. From there on, Bizarro Sinestro asked the Guardians of the Universe on Oa if he could join the Green Lantern Corps. The Guardians approved of Bizarro Sinestro's request and let him become Green Lantern of Space Sector 1284, even though he'd be a criminal on Htrae. Powers-Bizarro Sinestro has a Green Lantern Power Ring and Battery.
  • Bizarro Cheetah: Unlike the other Bizarro villains, Bizarro Cheetah's origin story isn' the opposite of her human counterparts. Bizarro Cheetah was created by Bizarro when he was using his "Bizarro Ray" to create a nemesis for Wonderzarro (Bizarro Wonder Woman) because she was bored. Bizarro and Wonderzarro were in the Amazon rainforest at the time so when Bizarro was creating a Bizarro dupicate of Barbara Ann Minerva, a cheetah ran across the ray and the cheetah's DNA and Bizarro Barbara's DNA merged with each other, therefore creating Bizarro Cheetah. Powers-Bizarro Cheetah possesses Decreased senses, Superhuman slowness and lack of agility. But Bizarro Cheetah does have claws, fangs, a tail and fur like her normal counterpart.
  • Bizarro Manta (Bizarro Black Manta): a long time ago, a Bizarro boy on Htrae used to like to play by the seaside. One day whilst he was at the sea, some people came and kidnapped the boy and sailed away. The kidnappers made the boy his slave but the boy didn't mind because he saw this as a compliment. One day, whilst the boy was happily scrubbing the decks of the boat, Bizarro Aquaman was pathetically trying to swim and saw the boy on the ship, thinking that he wanted to be saved. When Bizarro Aquaman saved the boy, the boy hated the sea and Bizarro Aquaman because he didn't want to be saved. From there on the boy grew up to become Bizarro Aquaman's arch-foe, Bizarro Manta. Powers-Bizarro Manta wears a scuba diving suit with a big helmet on looking like Black Manta so that he can breathe underwater. Like Bizarro Aquaman, Bizarro Manta is bad at swimming but usually he travels on a Bizarro version of a manta ray with a small glass cockpit for him to sit in, unlike Black Manta's submarine.
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Bizarro Joker.

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Wait, wouldn't a Bizzaro Injustice League just be... a regular Justice League?  Like a double-negative?

#8 Posted by DevilMan09 (40 posts) - - Show Bio

I suppose so. That makes a bit more since, since it's already a BIZZARO Injustice league...

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superboy's bizzaro
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@MrMiracle77 said:
"Wait, wouldn't a Bizzaro Injustice League just be... a regular Justice League?  Like a double-negative?"

I mean that supervillains who have Bizarro duplicates of themselves, like Bizarro-Joker or Bizarro-Lex Luthor. So a Bizarro Injustice League would be superheroes (technically) like you've said but they'd still be considered villains on Htrae, so I'm right in a way.
Besides, if you say that the JLA can be considered the Bizarro Injustice League, then that means that the Bizarro JLA can be considered the Injustice League, which they aren't.
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Bizzaro Captain cold, Bizzaro Hector Hammond, and Bizzaro Killer Croc. 
He i wonder in bizzaro world if joker loves harley quinm and harley quinn hate joker
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bizzario avengers lol.

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@zombie flash: There was a Bizarro Harley Quinn (referred to by Harley as Sgt. Quinzarro). She was created as a bride for Bizarro but ended up being the most dull and boring person ever, who wanted Bizarro to get a decent-paying job and learn to speak correctly (whereas normal Harley was fluent in Bizarrospeak).

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