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Destroy all life and expect it to go back to normal, is it because, and I may be completly wrong, at the end of the events of AOA, all returned to normal
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@jordama: Huh? What do you mean?
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@PrinceIMC said:
" @jordama: Huh? What do you mean? "
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" @PrinceIMC said:
" @jordama: Huh? What do you mean? "
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At the end of Age of Apacolpse, an alternate reality were bishop was the only one to retain his memories, didn't he leave that reality and come back to the 616. did he retain his memories of that, and if so, could that be the reason he thinks that the damage he did in the future will be undone if he kills Hope.  
I don't know the full scope of what happend in AOA or the events after. but if he does remember AOA it could explain why he thought all would end well if he killed hope
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@jordama: Okay I'll try to explain it. 
Bishop is from a future where mutants were raised in camps, and a female mutant child named Hope was partially responsible for many deaths. He came back in time and joined the X-Men and has been trying to prevent his past from happening though there aren't many records that survived so he isn't sure of specifics, the birth of Hope though was known.
While with the X-Men he and Storm, Iceman and Psylocke went back in time with Legion who intended to kill Magneto. The time travel though erased most of their memories, they just remembered that they were mutants and they were there for a reason. Legion eventually remembered his mission and tried to kill Magneto but instead accidentally killed Xavier instead. This paradox caused the other X-Men Psylocke, Iceman and Storm to disappear but since Bishop already existed outside of time he remained and the world changed into AoA. Something like 20 years passed and Bishop regained a few memories and knew that reality wasn't supposed to exist like that. He ran into the X-Men founded by Magneto and convinced Magneto that this world wasn't supposed to exist so they sent Bishop back to prevent Xavier's murder.
AoA Bishop who was just an older version of regular Bishop met the other Bishop and caused a feedback between Legion and himself thus preventing Xavier's murder. This caused Bishop and the other time displaced X-Men to return to their own time but somehow Bishop remembered only bits and pieces from AoA....probably from all the time travel. Then a few years go by and the mutant birth that is supposed to be responsible for all the bad things that happened in his time happens, he figures how easy would it be to eliminate Hope before she grows to wreck the world. Essentially he ran into Hitler as a baby and figured the world would be better off without her.
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Yeah, I knew most of that, but i wasn't sure what happend to bishop at the end. I thought it was the same bishop in the AoA time line. So, do you think those events have anything to do with the fact that he believes that reality was going to reset it self if he killed Hope?
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@jordama: Not really. Though knowing how much the world can change by one death (like Xavier's death could have) he probably figured the world will be better off without Hope. AoA Bishop ceased to exist but somehow a few of his memories transferred to regular Bishop.
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Well, you see my logic know though, right?
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@jordama: Yes, though I don't think he's got enough memory to remember much about AoA. He probably has the feeling that if Xavier (a mutant savior) was killed the world would be crappy. Therefore killing the mutant anti-christ could save the world.
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Yeah, I understood all his rationalizing, 'cept for the part where he thought all the damage wouldn't matter.
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PrinceIMC covered it it in full. 
AoA has nothing to do with anyhting, sorry.
also alot of characters retained memories, jsut
had no access to them. Bishop had temporary backlashed 
nightmares but that was about it. the only characters who really 
remember AOA are its natives, X-Man, Sugar Man, Dark Beast,
Holocaust, and Blink from Exiles.
technically Bishop is right. the damage doesnt matter since its future
timelines (though it doesnt make it any less wrong either). all would be 
lost from his perspective eitherway. his objective isnt to destroy timelines, 
it's to kill Hope because he believes she will destroy all of those timelines
anyways, but if he kills her, new timelines will take the place of all of them due
to a paradox.
Bishops inspiration is he's a timetraveller. he was well aware of chronological 
manipulation before the AoA incident. in fact Life And Times states he has known this
since he was a young man and first came to the past, and it has been his changing time
has been his objective since day one. He was moleing himself in deep and waiting for
the moment itself.
notably as well Bishop from AoA and Bishop from 616 are not actually the same character, so 
Bishop really didnt retain any memories. Bishop AoA was approximatly 20 years older than 616,
and they met in the past before legion killed Xavier (would have). Bishop 616 picked up on some
of Bishop AoA's memories by being in proximity and contact to him, especially when he dispersed 
himself. these memories where stirred up further by being in proximity to Dark Beast from that timeline
who was at the time disguised as Beast 616 and using Bishop to cover him from Mr.Sinister, for a reason
that would later be revealed. when Bishops both future and alternate timeline self from AoA caused the AoA to have never happened, Bishop 616 ended up never becoming him.

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Bishop thought he was doing everything for the greater good. If a few dozen time-lines are destroyed and billions are brutally killed, it doesn't matter, since he'll eventually save the billions of other time-lines. But too, let's remember that even till the end, Bishop was referring to himself as a cop. Let that really sink in. He killed more people than probably anyone else in the MU could hope for, and yet he truly thought he was the good guy, that because of his righteousness he was doing good. Bishop is,at the end of the day, a tragic hero or villain, depending on your interpretation. His belief that he was the ultimate force of good and that the end justified the means got him so far, but in the end it was bound to screw him up.
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@Rosebunse: Well Said U hit the nail on the coffin.

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